How Technology Will Affect The Future Of Jobs

Five years ago did you check your own self out at the grocery store? How about this, did you even order groceries online? Over the past few years, you may have chosen to ride in the back of an Uber instead of a cab. Those are just a few ways technology has changed how society functions but also the landscape of jobs.

Technology is changing employment. The rise of technology has caused more companies to flourish with opportunities for their workers to essentially be their own boss. Being and independent contractor is becoming more common. Over the next few decades, the change from typical employees to independent contractors will increase due to companies like Uber, Field Agent and Instacart.

Some people love the opportunities afforded to them because of the internet. A Conversational Interface Technology Platform, access to more knowledge, more efficient technology and the changing landscape of employment are some of the reasons many people enjoy what technology is currently doing for society. But there is another subset of technology lovers that wonder has tech gone too far.

The fear of a rise in technology is that tech will completely wipe away the jobs of many people. Jobs that have typically been held by cashiers, fast food workers and other low skilled workers could easily be replaced by technology. This is a question of ethics. Many people argue that indeed we need technology but not to the point that tech begins to threaten the livelihood of others.

Although technology just may threaten the livelihood of some people, this cycle is not exactly new. Throughout history, certain jobs have come and gone. As societies change and demands change, so do occupations. Think about the milkman, elevator operator, chimney sweeper, phone operator, log driver and lamplighter. All of these are jobs that were in high demand decades ago but are now unheard of. Most of these jobs were replaced by technological discovery that eliminated the profession.

Perhaps, the best way to prepare for how technology will change jobs in the future is to get educated and have many skills. Have different careers lined up for yourself to ensure employment. Even tapping into employment age that is booming during this digital age may be helpful in ensuring employment int the future. Consider computer science, programming and digital marketing as career options or back up plans as our future changes. Be prepared for maybe having to be self-employed or an independent contractor since working like this is becoming more popular.

Probably no one knows exactly what will become of jobs in this technology age we are living in. However, it is safe to say that the current state of jobs is changing. Technology just may completely eliminate certain jobs. But just as some jobs may disappear technology will pave the path for new career paths to form. For job prospects, becoming more knowledgeable about in-demand career fields may be a safe route to take to prepare for the changing state of jobs in this digital age.