Smartphone Software that Enhances the Classroom

Smartphone technology makes everything easier. There is no echelon of everyday existence that a finely developed app has not enhanced. This includes the everyday classroom. Recent trends show that smartphones are becoming less of a class hazard, and more of an effective classroom tool. App software can be used for many school-related things and can keep both students and parents informed and ultimately safe. So far companies have managed to create a variety of apps that focus on different aspects of the classroom. Some are used for management, others as a form of communication, and then there are some that enhance learning.

Learning Tools

There is a wealth of smartphone software that functions as an effective learning tool. Some of them are designed to take notes, function as a resource tool, or even liven up lesson plans. They can be used in conjunction with other devices as well. For instance, there are apps that turn student smartphones into buzzer, so lesson plans can become a game show. This brings fun into the proceedings, allows for interactive learning, and engages the classroom in a very effective way. There are apps that turn tablets into electronic whiteboards, allowing on to spot annotation during power point presentations.

Classroom Management

One of the biggest uses smartphone apps have for classroom use is in the realm of management. They can enhance communication between student and teacher, and parent and teacher. They also serve as a catchall for pertinent classroom material. Assignments, relative classroom information, related media to the topics studied, and even classroom discussions can take place on these apps. Perfect for keeping students informed in class developments, due assignments, and their current progress within class.

There is software that even limits student’s use of their phone during class. True parental permission would be required here, but the advantages of scrubbing smartphone use is very advantageous. There are even apps that create an electronic portfolio for students. Such a portfolio showcases their work and allows parents to view it so they can track their kids progress. Some apps serve as electronic permission slips parents can sign, others allow assignments to be turned in and viewed by the teacher. In every way such apps make a teacher’s overall job much easier.


Finally, there are the apps that function as extra-added security. These are the apps that keep students and parents appraised of emergency situations. Some focus as a warning tool, allowing students to report suspicious things on campus. Some apps contain all the school’s emergency information and serve as a reference for students There is even technology that modifies the phone into a panic button, one push and it contacts local law enforcement. Such apps bolster student confidence, make the prospect of an active shooter scenario less scary, and provide local law enforcement faster reaction time. Parents can find relief in knowing they can download apps that provide situational alerts. They ping the phone and inform parents of goings on.